Real Estate Investing Mistakes

To be a successful with real estate investing, first and foremost you must educate yourself. Study with reputable and successful investors in this field. In addition, expect the ups and downs that may come with investing in real estate.

Another factor that helps us to succeed is the ability to do proper planning and its correct execution. By recognizing the commonly occurring investing mistakes in this field, it is possible for any businessmen or brokers in this certain business to avoid big flops.

Common mistakes in the real estate markets are:

1. Investing our own money or assets – It is not a good way or good idea to use all your money and invest it in this type of business as it is a risky game. It something happens negative, it may adversely affect your finances.

2. Depending too much on local advertising media – Nowadays, it is seen that many of the people in this business hide behind hyped-up advertisement. In some rare cases, it may help us, but remember that, it will not always work. When met with a flop, we can’t walk away from its consequences. So it is better to be

Extensive Security and Investment Protection through Cisco Aironet 1200 Series

The recent advancement in technology has increased the use of wireless network. Almost all the manufacturers are engineering their gadgets (Laptops, Cell phones, Tablets and iPads etc.) which support wireless connectivity. Keeping in mind the demanding wireless network needs, all the organizations have setup or going to establish WLAN based network in their offices and even in factories. Besides this advancement, there are security risks involved for the organizations and their data base as well. For which they have to establish a secure mechanism on which they can rely and perform effectively.

Being a market leader, Cisco engineered its Aironet 1200 series access points which has set the new standards for high-performance, secure, flexible and manageable LANs (WLANs) network. This series delivers the protection to your investment, versatility and enterprise-class features demanded by WLAN customers. The two connected antennas allow long radius connectivity and rugged metal body supports to operate in broad temperature range.

The Aironet 1200 series provides high performance access point that allows single and dual-radio configuration for up to 54 mbps connectivity in both 2.4 and 5GHZ bands moreover is fully compliant with IEEE 802.11g, 802.11b and 802.11a standards. This series helps to create a unified wireless

Canadian Coalbed Methane Stocks 7 Things to Know Before Investing


We asked Dr. David Marchioni to provide our subscribers with his 7 Tips to help investors better understand what to look for, before investing in a CBM play. Dr. Marchioni helped co-author the CBM textbook, An Assessment of Coalbed Methane Exploration Projects in Canada, published by the Geological Survey of Canada. He is also president of Petro-Logic Services in Calgary, whose clients have included the Canadian divisions of Apache, BP, BHP, Burlington, Devon, El Paso Energy, and Phillips Petroleum, among others. He is also a director of Pacific Asia China Energy and is overseeing the companys CBM exploration program in China.

Our series of telephone and email interviews began while Dr. Marchioni sat on a drill rig in Albertas foothills, the Manville region, until he finished outlining his top 7 tips, or advices, on how to think like a CBM professional.


Is there a reasonable thickness of coal? You should find out how thick the coal seams are. With thickness, you get the regional extent of the resource. For example, there must be a minimum thickness into which one can drill a horizontal well.


Typically, gas content is expressed as cubic feet of

Excellence Resorts Revamps Cancun And Punta Cana Hotels With Over $7 Million Investment

The Excellence Group of Luxury Hotels and Resorts, a luxury hotel management company operating some of the most highly acclaimed luxury five-star hotels and resorts in the Caribbean, has announced massive investments across some of its properties as part of a strategy to reposition their portfolio of product offerings and make their hotels compete more effective in the Caribbean holidays industry.

In order to achieve this and in order to raise the bar at their Cancun and Punta Cana hotels, the company have invested a large sum of money to upgrade the already high standards at the Excellence Resorts in the Riviera Maya and Punta Cana. The renovation works are expected to contribute to enhanced Cancun holidays and an improved holiday experience for guests embarking on Dominican Republic holidays at their Punta Cana resort.

At the stunning Excellence Punta Cana hotel, the Excellence Group invested over five million dollars in the following renovations:

Renewal of the Excellence Club rooms – for guests looking for comfort and sophistication, as well as privacy and preferential treatment. In this exclusive area, guests looking to enjoy the ultimate pampering experience during their holidays in Punta Cana, can enjoy in-room premium liquors and amenities, a

Investing Strategies – 4 Mistakes That Can Doom Your Investing Strategies

Mistake 1 – Buy Long Only

Prices go up. Prices go down. Prices go sideways. Investing strategies that work only when prices go up will be losers.
* You’ll win only about a third of the time.
* You need investing strategies for down markets and sideways markets too. Here are some you can easily learn to do:

In a down market –
* Sell short.
* Buy inverse ETFs.
* Buy put options and other option strategies for down markets.
* Buy “hedges” – what goes up when the rest goes down.

In a sideways market –
* Use non-directional option strategies.

All this may sound scary, but it’s easy. All you need is a little coaching.

Mistake 2 – Fight the Trend

Stock prices can trend up or down. They can drift sideways. When there is a trend, go with it.
* Buy long in an up trend. Sell short in a down trend. Prices go up and down even when there’s a trend. Prices always wiggle.
* An up trend means up moves are bigger than down moves.
* A down trend means down moves are bigger